CreativeMornings: Bengi Turgan


October 22, 2021
9:00 am - 10:30 am


Open To Public

After a long time, CreativeMornings Istanbul will take place physically at ATÖLYE. In this edition, we are hosting Bengi Turgan, Director of ATÖLYE’s Strategic Design Studio, under the theme “design.” During the event, Bengi will talk about her relationship with and approach to design.



09:00-09:30: Welcoming and Breakfast 

09:30-10:00: Talk 

10:00-10.30: Q&A and Networking


*This event will be held in Turkish.


About the Speaker:


Bengi is a creative leader, design strategist, service designer and an experienced facilitator. Prior to joining ATÖLYE as Studio Director in September 2019 she was Studio Director and Head of Creative Innovation and Design at Deloitte Digital. 


Pioneering service design and interaction design in Turkey, she started her career launching the Project Office in the leading software house Veripark in 2004 until she founded her own creative technology and design company, Bilende, in 2007. During her 10 years as a Managing Partner at Bilende, she introduced ethnography and service design thinking to hundreds of projects, mentoring tens of design-led entrepreneurs. In late 2017 she joined Deloitte Turkey to initiate the Creative Studio within Consulting, leading the Design Research, Innovation, Service Design, CX, UX & UI Design capabilities and helped launch Deloitte Digital. Bengi designed and facilitated 100+ design & innovation workshops for her clients, government bodies, students and NGOs.




October’s Theme is Design.


We live in a world of design, an intention behind every encounter, every technology we touch, every structure we step through. Design is an alchemy, a marriage of material and meaning, investigation and inspiration, form and function.


To design is to create — out of nothing, something. To design is to play — an invitation to stay open and curious and reimagine in new ways. To design is to think — a method of learning through making, scraping failed experiments for fresh insight. To design is to be human.


Designers are called to operate in a way that transcends disciplines, making it possible to understand the world in all its complexity and envision passageways to more just futures. At their best, designers center the experiences of people whose needs have been overlooked, stepping outside of themselves and into their shoes. Design asks of us empathy and humility, if we are brave enough to answer.


The Trois-Rivières chapter of CreativeMornings chose this month’s exploration of Design, Olivier Charland illustrated the theme, and Skillshare is presenting the theme. 


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