CreativeMornings: Ali Üstündağ


October 27, 2017
9:00 am - 10:30 am



Open To Public

The October theme for Creative Mornings is “Pioneer” and our guest speaker is Ali Üstündağ. On the last Friday of the month, we will have a discussion on the thrill of new ideas and ventures that are brought to life.


Who is Ali Üstündağ?

He was born in Carmel, California in 1950. Due to his father’s work, he lived in Paris between the ages of 4 and 19, and then moved to London for four years to receive his college education. He studied Economics, Politics and the English Constitution; but he left everything behind to search for the transformation as guided by his inner world: he began to experience photography and filmmaking. Ali Üstündağ, who moved to Istanbul in 1975, started his career as a photographer. When he was working as an advertising photographer and film producer in Manajans, he has learned “multivision” technique and carried out many projects in Turkey. In 1987 he founded his own company “Iltek”. There, he started to undertake corporate communication projects using visual and audial methods. İltek has transformed into a company that produces enterprise communication projects, designs activities, visual and auditory technological solutions, and performs efficiency flow management. The fact that he lived in many countries and that his world view was a blend of Western and Eastern cultures is the reason for his interest in world affairs as well as his affinity to art. Today, he continues his professional life as he manages a team of 35 people working within İltek and İltek Show. He has been involved with TEDxReset since 2010.


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