CreativeMornings Istanbul: Meltem Reyhan


July 29, 2022
9:00 am - 10:30 am


Open To Public

In July, CreativeMornings Istanbul will take place physically at ATÖLYE. At this month’s event, we are hosting researcher, and instructor Meltem Reyhan with the theme of “Spirituality”. At the event, Meltem will talk about how the theme resonates with her personal and professional journey.



09:00-09:30: Welcoming and Breakfast 

09:30-10:00: Talk 

10:00-10.30: Q&A and Networking

*This event will be held in Turkish.


About the Speaker:


Meltem Reyhan was born in Izmir in 1970 and has been living in Istanbul since 1994. She studied Classical Archeology at Ege University and started work life during his university years. She is still a student at the Department of Anthropology at Istanbul University. She started her own business in 2004 and had ventures in different sectors for several years. She started to publish her articles on her internet blog for the first time in 2013. In the same year, she wrote and published two books. In 2017, she opened her Youtoube channel while leaving her business life behind completely. Between 2020 and 2022, she received training on the history of religions. She has nine books published so far. Since 2020, she has been providing training for adults in his academy that bears her name. She carries out studies to provide scholarships to children and young people in the ‘Umuttan Çocuklar’ and ‘Kız Çocuklarını Koruma’ associations where she works voluntarily, and besides these works, she organizes workshops and donation campaigns to protect ecological life and support stray animals as a community volunteer.


July’s Theme is Spirituality.


Spirituality is the search for our deepest values and meanings, something that touches us all. It is our yearning to peel back the curtain on the world we can see. The word comes from the Latin spiritualis, meaning “of breath, wind, and air.” It comes so naturally it might as well be breathing. 


Spirituality can be found in meditation, in science, in holy spaces, in music, in community. We locate the sacred in the stars that guide us home, our capacity to love both kin and stranger, the divine that gathers in the kitchen dustpans and the forest groves lit by fireflies.


Through spiritual practice — be it by prayer mat or paint brush, microscope or movement — we seek answers to the eternal questions: How should a person be? How might we find meaning in the mundane, and purpose through great pain? How can we repair the world?


Our Jeddah chapter chose this month’s exploration of Spirituality, and Bayan Yasien illustrated the theme.