CreativeMornings Istanbul: Mehmet Atakan Foça


September 30, 2022
9:00 am - 10:30 am


Open To Public

In September, CreativeMornings Istanbul will take place physically at ATÖLYE. At this month’s event, we are hosting journalist, fact-checker and social entrepreneur Mehmet Atakan Foça with the theme of “Depth”. At the event, Atakan will talk about how the theme resonates with his personal and professional journey.



09:00-09:30: Welcoming and Breakfast 

09:30-10:00: Talk 

10:00-10.30: Q&A and Networking

*This event will be held in Turkish.


About the Speaker:


Mehmet Atakan Foça is a journalist, fact-checker and social entrepreneur. He pioneered the translation of the Verification Handbook into Turkish. He led the translation of the Verification Handbook to Turkish. Due to works of verification on his Twitter account, Foça was awarded by Transparency International and afterwards, he founded Teyit in 2016 as a non-partisan and independent fact-checking organization. He has been announced as a fellow by Ashoka, the largest social entrepreneurship network in the world. JCI Turkey announced him as one of the most successful young persons in 2020. Atakan is still working on improving the media sphere of Turkey. He is a part of Factory, an incubation and community program for new media organizations, Fayn Production and Impact Hub Ankara.


September’s Theme is Depth.


Depth is a measure of distance. Get a feel for it by traveling along a rock fissure that tunnels into the earth, stepping across the expanse between our galaxy and the next, or diving into the mysteries hidden within ourselves. 


Depth is a space that denies easy ways of seeing or comprehending — when we shine a light into the deep blue of the ocean, we cannot see much further than the surface. In our age of instant answers, we bristle at this resistance. It’s often easier to reduce people, places, and ideas into flattened renderings, rather than grapple with the nuanced and contradictory truths found in their depths. 


In what depths could you submerge yourself if you let curiosity guide you? Ask open-ended questions and listen for responses to arise. With patience, watch those questions transform and transmute as they travel further. Blink your eyes open in the abyss, lose your frame of reference, and discover something altogether new. 

Our Columbus chapter chose this month’s exploration of Depth and Bryan Christopher Moss illustrated the theme.