CreativeMornings Dubai with Alexandra Maia a.k.a Alex House of Social


May 26, 2022


Open To Public

This month’s CreativeMornings theme is “Now”. ATÖLYE Dubai will be hosting CreativeMornings Dubai with Alexandra Maia a.k.a Alex House of Social on Thursday, May 26 at 8:15 AM (GMT+4). The event will take place in-person at ATÖLYE Dubai. Find registration details below.


About the Theme:


These days, the “nows” hurry past us, shoved aside by the “next” — the urgent to-do’s, the latest breaking news. Constantly anticipating and staging for our future decimates our experience of the present. Our “now” vanishes, like water flowing through our fingertips.


We cannot keep time from spilling out of our hands and into the soft earth below. It is not our task to master the present, but to savor it. To pause. Go still. Feel the air on the back of our necks, sit in both discomfort and pleasure, and marvel at the radiance of the present moment. So that we may, in the poet William Blake’s words, “Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand / And Eternity in an hour.” For all we ever have is now.


Our Buffalo chapter chose this month’s exploration of Now, Mizin Shin illustrated the theme, and our global partner Mailchimp is presenting the theme.


About the Speaker:


Alex is a creative strategist, consultant & educator with multi-dimensional skills in Social and Digital Media ( It means she is not just one thing!)


Alex helps entrepreneurs and marketers grow with current media strategies that are at the intersection of today’s current culture and marketplace.


Alex has experience working in Social Media & Digital Marketing that spans over 13 + years! YES, that’s right, Alex was an early adopter when Social Media was just in its infancy!


For 10 years she worked at various international agencies (yes Alex is ex-agency!) in London, Singapore & Dubai building Social Media teams & departments. Alex was fortunate to work with Fortune 500 Brands allowing me to develop a multitude of experiences.


5 years ago Alex decided she wanted to be her own boss and launched Alex’s House of Social, so she could work closely with business owners, no ‘agency’ frills, just my real practical creative strategies and lots of happy dancing!


You can register for the event from this link.