CreativeMornings Dubai: Ella Spira & Pietra Mello-Pittman


January 18, 2022


Open To Public

This month’s CreativeMornings theme is “Free”. ATÖLYE Dubai will be hosting CreativeMornings Dubai with Ella Spira & Pietra Mello-Pittman as the speakers on Tuesday, January 18 at 8:15 AM (GMT+4). The event will take place both in our ATÖLYE Dubai space as well as on Zoom. Find registration details below.


About the Theme:


What is free comes in many flavors. Free to come, free to go. Free to love, free to deliciously inhabit our own skin, free to try on all the possible version of ourselves. Free to speak truth to power. Free to say no to what’s on offer.


However, to be free to — to dream, to create, to imagine — requires freedom from. To strive for true freedom is to honor our obligations to each other, to fight for our mutual liberation.


About the Speaker:


Ella Spira MBE & Pietra Mello-Pittman MBE are the co-founders of Sisters Grimm. Ella is a Grammy-nominated composer and Pietra is a former Royal Ballet ballerina.


With over 30 years of experience in the creative industries, Ella and Pietra demonstrate the art of storytelling with their unique ability to weave stories, culture, music and dance that creates nothing short of a spellbinding experience for audiences.


To register for the event follow the link.