ATÖLYE hosts IDEO Asia – Inspiring Asia: Learnings from IDEO’s Work in the Region


November 07, 2019
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Open To Public

ATÖLYE hosts IDEO Asia for a talk titled “Inspiring Asia: Learnings from IDEO’s Work in the Region.”

We are excited to welcome Charles Hayes, Tony Wong, Davide Agnelli, Mike Peng, and Mike See — the leaders from IDEO in Asia. With offices in Shanghai and Tokyo, this team is responsible for bringing creative and operational excellence to a collective studio of nearly 100 designers.

As part of their talk, our guests will share stories of transformational projects, programs, and initiatives from their respective studios and how they help catalyze change in Asia through human-centered design and innovation.

Please join us at ATÖLYE for this intriguing talk—we all look forward to being inspired!

You can register for the event at this link