Future Tense: A Conversation with Andrés Colmenares (Co-founder, IAM)


June 17, 2020
5:00 pm - 6:45 pm



Open To Public

Invitation for all curious minds, leaders, changemakers, and restless explorers: Join us at the third event of ATÖLYE Academy’s Future Tense series taking place on June 17, at 5:00 PM (GMT +3).


On the third event of the series, we are hosting Andrés Colmenares, the co-founder of IAM, the alternative media lab exploring and addressing the multidimensional implications of the digital economy and internet culture in the future(s). Andrés will introduce the Everything Manifesto and share how IAM is translating words into actions with Everythons and the upcoming Billion Seconds Initiative.


After Andrés’ presentation, participants will be invited to discuss certain topics shared within the narrative in smaller breakout rooms. Resulting insights from individual circles will be debriefed and collectively captured to frame informed conversations on the possible futures that await us.


The conversation will be hosted by ATÖLYE Co-founder Engin Ayaz and ATÖLYE Academy’s Project Coordinator Deniz Yazıcıoğlu.


About the Speaker

Andres Colmenares is the co-founder of IAM, the alternative media lab exploring and addressing the multidimensional implications of the digital economy and internet cultures in the futures of the Planet. He co-directs IAM Weekend and We Internet, the annual gathering and transdisciplinary community for creative thinkers & doers learning collectively how to “internet” together and address the environmental emergency.


He works as a strategist in IAM Futures, the creative foresight consultancy using futures as tools to help organisations grow their cultural relevance, designing alternative learning experiences, tools and programs with organisations as Mobile World Capital Foundation, Tate, Red Bull and BBC.


Andrés has written opinion articles for publications such as CRACK Magazine, The Site Magazine or LS:N Global and has been invited as a guest lecturer at institutions such as University of Arts London, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Merz Akademie, Berghs School of Communication and ELISAVA School of Design & Engineering of Barcelona.


About the Series

We live in chaotic times. Turbulent news washes over us by the minute, preventing us from thinking properly about the long term. Yet now, more than ever, this is the right time to slow down, to reflect and to think deliberately about the long-term future.


Consider yourself the captain of a sailboat in stormy seas. Wouldn’t it be both calming and wise to deliberately take your eyes off choppy, nauseating waters and look into the far horizon? To gain perspective and think about the big tacks you may need to make, alongside the constant trimmings you are obliged to do.


ATÖLYE Academy’s Future Tense Series engages thought leaders from around the world alongside a wider audience, for a collective discourse on pressing topics with a long-term thinking lens.


With Future Tense, we invite thought leaders and edge thinkers from around the world to discuss pressing topics from a foresight perspective. The driving intent is not to take strong stances, but rather explore future tensions, have generative conversations, and allow for a new type of collective intelligence to emerge.


This is an invitation for all curious minds, leaders, changemakers, and restless explorers. We look forward to hosting you.


Who Should Attend?

  • Leaders from all types of organizations
  • Changemakers and innovators
  • Trend analysts, market researchers
  • Policymakers and social scientists
  • Freelancers in the field of creative industries and technology
  • Anyone else with an open mind


Are you interested in exploring what it means to navigate in a ‘business unusual’ environment? Would you like to tap into a hive mind to think about the future in a more generative way? Do you believe you will thrive by listening to others with a willingness to change your stance?


If your answer is “yes,” we invite you to join us!


To prime you in thinking about the long term, please see ATÖLYE’s article 9 Predictions for a post-COVID19 World.