3D Printing in Action


November 28, 2018
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Open To Public

3D Printers are close to being ubiquitous technologies. But are we really aware of how 3D Printers are capable of?
How can we use this technology to solve everyday problems?

We are going to try to give answers to these questions and study 3D printing technology both theoretically and practically. We are going to use 3D printers to solve everyday problems in our immediate environment by identifying, modelling and printing solutions to these problems.

The participants are not expected to have experience in 3D modelling and printing. Anyone who wants to make this technology closer to their daily lives may be participants of the workshop. Tickets can be bought from Biletino.

* Participants can take the models to be printed with them after the workshop.
* The language of the event is Turkish.
* Participants are expected to bring their laptops with them for the workshop.