16 Nov 2020

ATÖLYE is launching a brand new project titled “COVID-in-Residence: Exploring Creative Co-creation” between July-September 2020. The project is happening with the support of Istanbul Development Agency in coordination with the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology.


Please follow this link for detailed information and registration.


COVID-in-Residence puts creative industries and freelancers most affected economically by the COVID-19 crisis in its centre. The project will utilize ATÖLYE’s experience in community curation, which it has gained through its transdisciplinary community, to provide creative professionals with counselling, mentorship and collaboration opportunities. By creating alternative collaboration and business development models that do not necessitate physical space and contact, it aims to help creative communities engage in digital interdisciplinary collaborations and have better access to resources.


Open Call


COVID-in-Residence focuses on three of the areas most affected by the pandemic: Education, Future of Work, and Health and Wellbeing. The open call aims to bring together independent creatives in teams to work on the three themes with training, mentorship and infrastructural support. The projects to be developed will be designed to create more sustainable future practices — beyond the crisis period and the normalization process — with the aim of a structural and permanent impact.


Six teams will be chosen after the open call. They will receive Nesta’s creative entrepreneurship training, mentorship and infrastructural support. Once the process is finalized, MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) of the developed projects and applications are measured and the teams are given feedback to improve their products and services. Lastly, the teams will exhibit their prototypes to the public during a demo day.


Admission Process


Only creative industries and freelancers of social sciences, technology, business development and engineering disciplines will be admitted to the project. Candidates can register individually or in teams of six. Participants are then requested to either form a team or join one of the existing teams.



Registration: July, 6-19
Admission: July, 24
Training: August, 7-8-9
Demo Day: September, 23




Each team is assigned a supervisor to receive support and instructions during the process.
Each team is mentored on developing business models; advertising, finance, law, fund raising, research, psychology and sociology.
In order for the teams to increase their MVPs, each one of them is provided with design, software and prototyping support post-training.


Please follow this link for detailed information and registration.