Connect for Creativity project launch at ATÖLYE


07 Nov 2019

On Tuesday, May 7, ATÖLYE hosted the launch event for Connect for Creativity, a project led by the British Council in partnership with ATÖLYE, Bios, and Nova Iskra, along with Abdullah Gül University. Connect for Creativity aims to support creative hubs across Europe to foster creative exploration and collaboration that contribute to a more connected civil society.

The kick-off event was presented by the creative hub ATÖLYE in Istanbul and featured a keynote titled “The Creative Industries Opportunity: Mobilising Culture, Hubs and Networks” by Prof. Andy Pratt from City, University of London. The kick-off was followed by the first in a series of three conferences.

Connect for Creativity is an 18-month-long project led by the British Council, in partnership with three creative hubs—ATÖLYE in Turkey, Bios in Greece, Nova Iskra in Serbia—and Abdullah Gül University in Kayseri. The project is co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey, through the Intercultural Dialogue program.

The project will provide a number of opportunities for students, academics, artists, creative professionals, policymakers, and the general public across Europe to form international networks and collaborations, exchange knowledge and skills, and participate in creative exploration on the pillars of empathy, engagement, and empowerment. Key activities will include research to provide baseline information on the role of creative hubs and communities in promoting intercultural dialogue, three networking conferences in Belgrade, Athens, and Kayseri, an art and technology residency with an exhibition output, as well as a study visit.