ATÖLYE publishes “Reflections” to share its experiences and insights


07 Nov 2019

We recently published our first printed work, titled “Reflections,” which brings together ATÖLYE’s approach since its founding in 2013, the idea behind its carefully curated community, the projects realized as well as events and programs hosted to date, along with insights ATÖLYE has gathered throughout the process. Reflections not only details all of ATÖLYE’s activities and projects over the last 5 years; it also incorporates the organization’s values, insights, approach, and thoughts on the future.


The “Strategic Design Studio” and “Creative Hub” sections of the book explain in detail these two separate elements of ATÖLYE and how they come together to create a distinctive structure. The “Strategic Design Studio” section explores the design studio through its workspaces and structure, its outlook on design, and a selection of its projects to date. By contrast, the “Creative Hub” section focuses on the community as the backbone of ATÖLYE’s creative hub, as well as featuring content on the events hosted by ATÖLYE and the Prototyping Lab.


The book also includes a “Trends” section where we share upcoming trends as well as insights pertaining to these shifts. Here, we seek to learn from the future via insights on technology, talent management, the future of the business world, and how our behavior can change as individuals. Reflections also features “Insights,” a selection of articles ATÖLYE began publishing on Medium in June 2017 under the name ATÖLYE Insights. ATÖLYE also chose to end the book with the question “What is next?” which highlights the organization’s strategic priorities for 2018.