ATÖLYE’s Creative Hub Director Atılım Şahin joins the European Creative Hubs Network Managing Board


07 Nov 2019

ECHN is a peer-led organization with a mission to enhance the creative, economic, and social impact of creative hubs. Contemporarily, creative hubs are focal points for creative businesses, offering ways to support the growth and development of creative industries. The European Creative Hubs Network is born from the necessity for these hubs to network, pool resources, share best practices, and build on advocacy, policy, and opportunities.

The first Conference and General Assembly of the European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN) was held in Athens on April 11th through 13th. Creative hub leaders from Europe gathered together to exchange ideas, talk about the future steps of the Network, and vote for the Steering Committee.

During the assembly, Atılım Şahin and Makers of Barcelona co-led a workshop titled “Going Further than Being Just a Space: Talent Management in Creative Hubs” in which they discussed how to systematically approach the talent hosted in creative hubs and how to build mutual relationships with them. Atılım Şahin and the Parisian hub Volumes also co-led the workshop titled “How to Run a Collaborative Space by Combining Tangible and Social Design” in which the participants discussed how to design collaborative spaces that are ecologically responsible and economically sustainable in a stimulating environment that needs fewer resources.

ATÖLYE’s Creative Hub Director Atılım Şahin was selected to become a Board Member in the committee to assume responsibility in steering the future of creative hubs. Being an active leader at the ECHN is essential for solidifying ATÖLYE’s approach in building a community-driven model for the creative industries. This involvement will open new doors for ATÖLYE and its community, meanwhile further endorsing creative hubs as innovative models for the creative industries.