ATÖLYE Wins Future of Work Award at The “Brandon Hall Awards for Excellence“


05 Dec 2022

The “Brandon Hall Awards for Excellence” are rewarded to institutions that have successfully implemented programs, strategies, methods, processes, systems, and tools with measurable results. The institutions participating in the competition are some of the world’s leading companies.

The corporate training program “Change Pioneers” developed by ATÖLYE for Abdi İbrahim, won a gold medal at the international Brandon Hall Human Capital Management Excellence Awards. The program was awarded in the “Future of Work” category of the competition in the “Best Skill Development Programs” sub-category, which rewards programs that are designed to provide employees with advanced skills in various fields.

During the 17-week online course, participants learned and applied human-centered design approaches to develop creative solutions to the company’s strategic problems, as well as receiving training to pioneer new ways of thinking and working. During the program, three new business model ideas were developed by the participants with the support of ATÖLYE’s coaches and facilitators; these ideas have taken their place in Abdi İbrahim’s strategic roadmap and will be implemented in the near future.