ATÖLYE co-founder Engin Ayaz and Dubai Creative Hub Lead Leen Sadder to hold workshop at C2 Montreal Online


21 Oct 2020

ATÖLYE’s co-founder Engin Ayaz and Dubai Creative Hub Lead Leen Sadder are going to organize a workshop at C2 Online – Montreal 2020 on October 28. The workshop will be titled “Community-powered innovation: Tackling real-world challenges together.”



Most of the pressing challenges in the world are too manifold for a single branch of design to solve. Confronting high levels of complexity requires creating and managing multiple partnerships, thinking at an ecosystem level and bringing together those from a variety of backgrounds and points of view. Community-powered design and innovation do just that—reframe the notion of “community engagement and mobilization” for organizations by giving them a diverse outlook in tackling challenges and helping them transform into platform-businesses.


In this workshop, we will explore how this trans-disciplinary approach embraces complexity and harnesses a community-powered innovation process to generate positive, lasting results.


What to expect to take away from the workshop:

  • Think about how to move your organizational structure away from a siloed establishment towards a community-powered platform—one that is more diverse, permeable, and regenerative.
  • Explore how community-powered innovation can create a space for tackling the wicked problems of the world.
  • Grasp how the practice of radical collaboration and inclusive facilitation transforms groups of individuals into motivated and empowered teams.


C2 Online – Montréal 2020 is a new way to convene and connect. A digital event centering around RESILIENCE, with world-class speakers, solution-driven workshops, and exclusive experiences.
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