ATÖLYE and Istanbul Bilgi University team up to offer a brand-new graduate program: LITE


07 Nov 2019

ATÖLYE and Istanbul Bilgi University have partnered to create and improve the full curriculum for LITE, a graduate program designed to address 21st-century skills. The program adopts the slogans “learning together,” “recreating yourself,” and “following the light” in its quest to imbue young people with the skills necessary to be successful in today’s world.

LITE stands for “Learning, Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship,” and instead of painting a false picture of the world for participants, causing them to embark on life without truly understanding it, the program helps them understand the world, institutions, and themselves, thus enabling them to redefine their careers. Through LITE’s carefully designed curriculum, students are able to learn systematic thinking, developing innovative ideas for impact, basic knowledge on how to transform an entrepreneurial idea into a project, as well as sustainable development.

The aim of the first semester, themed “Global,” is to help students understand the world, current trends, and the future of society. The second semester focuses on “Organizations,” whereby students will learn about the structure of systems, organizations, and institutions, thus gaining an idea of how they can transform them. The third semester focuses on “People,” seeking to help participants get to know themselves, notice their talents, and pave the way for radical change.

LITE employs a recruitment process that is as innovative as its content. To enter the program, prospective students must undergo a process called C.A.M.P., whose initials stand for the Ability to Contribute (C), Academic Capacity (A), Motivation (M), and Potential (P). Prospective students must successfully complete the online application and online case study as well as passing the interview and the admissions committee in order to attend the LITE graduate program.

LITE combines Istanbul Bilgi University’s motto of “learning not for school but for life” with ATÖLYE’s strategy and design as well as its expertise in systematic change, seeking to provide a solid core for students on their path to becoming global citizens who cater to the needs of the 21st century.