ATÖLYE Academy to launch new learning program series “Navigating Ambiguity”


01 Apr 2020

For some time now, our world is one that has been changing at an unusually fast rate, becoming increasingly unstable, and witnessing unpredictable changes. What will the solutions, approaches, and systems we create in this new world as individuals, teams, and organizations look like? How can we navigate a world where our maps don’t work anymore?


In this world of ambiguities, we designed a new area of learning to find ways to navigate together: “Navigating Ambiguity with ATÖLYE Akademi.”


Navigating Ambiguity is a series of 4-week programs designed to inspire you to be able to provide accurate information flows, develop agile applications, redesign rituals, and gain the organizational courage to make the right experiment at the right time.


This series will take place in Turkish and tickets will be on sale soon. If you would like to find out more, please visit the Turkish version of this article.