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ATÖLYE is a 21st-century creative organization that embeds an award-winning Strategic Design Studio and an Academy within a Vibrant Creative Hub. Founded in Istanbul in 2014, ATÖLYE champions a new model for the creative services industry— a “membrane organization” that is fueled by the diversity of its community, scarcity of its space, and permeability of its system.


While the Strategic Design Studio tackles wicked problems in the fields of design, architecture, technology and innovation, the Creative Hub houses a community of 150+ practitioners who come together in a shared space to learn from one another, connect with fellow creatives, and collaborate on impactful projects.


In April 2019, ATÖLYE joined kyu, a collective of the leading creative organizations in the world whose purpose is to be a source of creativity that propels the economy and society forward.


ATÖLYE’s Principles


We curate so we can better co-create.
We make informed decisions about the people we invite in, the projects we work on, and the organizations we collaborate with. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors but they share one important trait: an insatiable desire to better themselves and the communities that surround them.


We live, work and learn in a constant state of flow.
Our system has ill-defined boundaries by design, which allows for a steady flow of people, ideas, and perspectives. Our processes expand and contract to adapt to situations as needed, meaning we are always pushing the limits of our permeability—across geographies, projects, and industries.


We grow individually to mature as a whole.
We are committed to nourishing the notion of a growth mindset in a holistic way. We invest in the development of individuals and organizations by co-creating the necessary tools, methods, and environments that allow us to continuously shift and grow together.


About the Job – Senior Community Curator


ATÖLYE exists to cultivate a fertile environment that catalyzes individuals and organizations to thrive together for the better. ATÖLYE’s Creative Hub engages, nurtures and mobilizes creative individuals and communities so that they can purposefully contribute to the world as their best selves.


We refine talent curation and programming efforts to truly become a talent magnet across locations and serve Studio and Academy needs.


Our community is at the heart of the human-centered processes we design at ATÖLYE. The community in question, consisting of our core team and our members, is curated to a high standard with a number of checks and balances in place—such as the number and quality of interactions within, the variety of disciplines within the community, and more.


We foster the creative individuals, creative communities and creative hubs ecosystem as a whole through launching new initiatives, programs, and projects. We rewire the processes and tools to become the connecting tissue of our network across locations and generating new opportunities. Through our curated events, workshops and programs we try to foster our community, attract and engage the top talents on the broader network. We develop projects to support the growth of creative individuals, communities, and creative hubs.


The curation criteria we apply, in accordance with our culture and purpose, help us gather the talent that would benefit the entire community and help us learn and develop in a number of ways. We believe, as a result of these encounters, novel ideas emerge and breakthroughs happen.


As the Senior Community Curator, you will play a key role in the Creative Hub team, stand right in the core of the curation process and be responsible for overseeing and advancing ATÖLYE’s talent curation model with a fresh, creative, and dynamic outlook.


This is why we are looking for a team member who is super empathetic, a passionate advocate for non-violent communication and motivated to and inspired by interacting with people.


Main Responsibilities

  • Actively scouting candidates to be part of ATÖLYE’s core team and community according to the curation criteria by utilizing different mediums, attracting potential talent
  • Developing strategies to ensure engagement between the community members and proactively reaching out to potential candidates, initiating related activities and event series
  • Being the first point of contact for the talent pool created by both proactive search and incoming applications, conducting interviews with candidates and following up on their recruitment and membership journeys
  • Designing and leading effective interventions to increase the number and quality of collaborations among community members
  • Managing the community’s communication channels with an inclusive and original language and tone
  • Actively taking part in the teaming process of the projects , effectively responding to the varying teaming needs by matchmaking the appropriate candidates from the community
  • Developing online and offline membership models, matching the existing models with new audiences through different value propositions
  • Following up on member payments in coordination with the Finance & Operations team and keeping track of the annual budget targets.



  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in a related domain (talent development, human resources consultancy, culture management etc.), team and community management experience
  • Having the ability to bring together and connect people
  • Having the ability to see the big picture and strategically respond to varying talent needs
  • Following the most recent trends in talent development and community curation
  • Impeccable follow-up and coordination skills
  • Feel comfortable with interactions in different settings such as presentations, workshops, interviews and meetings
  • Teamwork predisposition
  • Proficiency in verbal and written communication in Turkish and English
  • Proficiency in creating Excel reports


Preferred Skills and Qualities

  • Excellent storytelling and strategic thinking skills
  • Experience in project management
  • Having an optimistic attitude with the ability to embrace ambiguity
  • Strong self-expression and communication skills
  • Strong motivation to interact with people on a daily basis to achieve shared goals
  • Using Google Suite products for collaborative teamwork and organizing documents
  • Experience in digital project management and communication tools such as Mailchimp and Asana
  • Basic proficiency in visual design software such as Adobe Indesign and Adobe Illustrator


What do we offer?

  • An inspiring and dynamic environment as part of an interdisciplinary community
  • The opportunity to work in strategic projects with leading institutions in Turkey and beyond
  • A transdisciplinary workflow that promotes constant learning
  • Private health insurance, meal card, and bi-annual bonus


A note regarding job location


ATÖLYE’s Istanbul space is located in bomontiada and its Dubai space will soon launch in March 2021 in the Emirates Towers. However, due to the ongoing global pandemic, the ATÖLYE team is working remotely until June 30, 2021. Team members are advised to visit our venues only if they are working on a specific project that requires them to be together in a physical space. The applicants to this position need to be available to work in-person at our Istanbul space after June 2021.

Tecrübeli Komünite Küratörü (Senior Community Curator*)


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