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ATÖLYE is a 21st-century creative organization with an award-winning Strategic Design Studio nested within a Creative Hub. Based in bomontiada, a historical beer factory, ATÖLYE  fosters a fluid talent curation model that consists of a 150-person community. ATÖLYE’s work encompasses all facets of creative consulting including strategy, design, architecture, and technology. It provides these services through a unique modern network of practitioners. 


Fueled by the diversity of its community, scarcity of its space, and the permeability of the whole system, ATÖLYE explores a new model for the creative services industry—one that may be called a “membrane organization.” With this system, ATÖLYE is able to offer a wide range of capabilities to its clients, all of which are centered around the core mission of addressing wicked problems and creating a positive impact.


In April 2019, ATÖLYE joined the kyu Collective. kyu is a collective of strategically curated creative businesses whose purpose is to be a source of creativity that propels the economy and society forward.


About ATÖLYE Dubai


After completing several projects in the UAE with clients such as EXPO 2020, Dubai Future Foundation, Prime Minister’s Office and Palmwood, ATOLYE has decided to launch its second Creative Hub and Studio in Dubai. The space will be located in Emirates Towers, and is set to launch in January 2021.  


About the Position – Community Associate Dubai


Our Community stands at the center of the human-centered practices we maintain in ATÖLYE. While we shape our community which involves our team and community members, we mind building the internal balances in a delicate way for both the different disciplines included and the interpersonal interactions.

With the community curation criteria we apply in line with our vision and culture, we attach importance to the correct distribution of competencies and disciplines that will nurture the entire community and to bring together the talents that will prepare for the development of the community. Because we think that unexpected breakthroughs and innovative projects can only emerge in this way. The activities we organize both with our community and open to everyone in our venue and on many different digital platforms are one of the most important parts of our culture.


We are looking for a “Community Associate’” who will undertake the responsibilities in the community and event areas within Dubai, take our fluid-structure in terms of talent management to the next level with creative and dynamic approaches, willing to interact with people, have high empathy skills and master the non-violent communication theory.






  • Bringing people together as the face of ATÖLYE Dubai as a connector, 
  • Including members in the community and conducting orientation processes, (helping with need matters like payment tracking, visa, logistics, etc.)
  • Development and execution of strategies to increase the social and professional interactions of ATÖLYE Dubai community and to improve cooperation between members
  • Management of the human engagement process to the ATÖLYE Dubai Community communication channels.
  •  Collaborating with Venue Operations and Marketing teams.




  • ATÖLYE Dubai community event operations management, planning, system design, preparation, and execution of event archives,
  • Supporting the Event Manager in developing content for public events and programs organized by ATÖLYE Dubai, supporting the communication processes with different people like speakers, moderators, educators, panelists, etc. and repairing the necessary written and visual communication materials (promotional text, press bulletin, social media text, etc.) 
  • Preparing the necessary written and visual communication materials (promotional text, press bulletin, social media text, etc.) for events, coordinating with the relevant units and 3rd parties,


Skills and Experiences


  • Experience in community, hospitality, start-up and events and creative industries
  • Project management knowledge
  • 2-5 years of work experience
  •  Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Intermediate knowledge of graphic design, a basic understanding of design software such as Sketch or Adobe Creative Suite
  • Open to working and living in Dubai
    Fluent in English. Fluency in Arabic is a plus.


Desired Qualifications


  • Digital Marketing, sales, and Copyright skills
  • Photography skills are a plus
  • Arabic language skills are a plus


What makes you an ideal culture fit:


  • You are an autodidact who is always eager to learn new skills. When faced with a new challenge, you apply your research skills and care to figure it out, although you’re humble enough to ask for help when needed.
  • You are practical; although it may offend your artistic sensibilities, you know when perfection is the enemy of good.


What do we offer?


  • Inspiring and dynamic workspace as part of an interdisciplinary community
  • The opportunity to work in strategic projects with leading institutions in Dubai and beyond
  • A transdisciplinary workflow that promotes constant learning

Komünite Sorumlusu - Dubai (Community Associate - Dubai*)

Dubai, BAE

Tam Zamanlı