Dana Shashaa

Dana Shashaa

Hi, I’m Dana. I am the Community Associate at ATÖLYE’s Creative Hub in Dubai. I gravitate towards people who encourage curiosity, creativity, understanding human needs, innovation, social impact, and collaboration. Exactly in line with this, my role at ATÖLYE is to design experiences that channel the power of our community.

Dana joined ATÖLYE in February 2021 as a Community Associate to help with the launch of the Creative Hub in Dubai. She is currently working on developing the online and offline membership strategies and experiences. 

Dana brings a versatile set of experiences to ATÖLYE Dubai. After completing her degree in Environmental Engineering, she held positions in the United States and the United Arab Emirates as a consultant leading engagements in the industrial, healthcare, waste management, aviation, construction, and government sectors. 

She went on to pursue a Masters in Business Administration at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, where she focused on design, innovation, strategy, and entrepreneurship. Since then, she has delved into some personal projects exploring the ideas of “nurturing a child’s social and emotional wellbeing in a school setting” and “transforming mandatory community services to meaningful experiences for high school students.”

Outside of work, you can find her outdoors, exploring new coffee shops, cycling, playing tennis, or learning something new. The one thing she’s still trying to figure out though is a concise answer to the question “Where are you from?”