"Foster a good community and the rest will follow."

We provide a fully equipped working environment in bomontiada, the site of the renovated Historic Bomonti Beer Factory. Our spacious workspace, complemented with CNVS brand furniture of our own design, accomodate individual needs.

We provide the foundation to stimulate creativity and innovation for our carefully curated community, consisting of members from diverse disciplines. By organising events on a weekly basis, we develop a strong sense of community that begets joint projects on a global scale.

We learn together, we work by learning.

101 Workshops
Beginner-level workshops taught by our members on their interests and professions

Sessions designed to plant the seeds of new projects and develop new ideas

Feedback Sessions
Sessions designed for members to receive feedback and guidance

We didn’t design ATOLYE as just a co-working space. Since the first day, our goal has been to form a community that can create interdisciplinary projects that add long-term value. Collaborative production is at the root of this vision.

We don’t just work side-by-side, we work together.

Not just professional but also social development.

Join Our Community

A flexible workspace available 10 days a month

A desk that you can use anytime

A room that accomodates teams up to 5 people

Varying models for corporations

ATÖLYE is seeking new residents! One of the three rooms in our workspace is awaiting its new residents after a long period. We hope to become neighbours with a team that will collaborate with us on innovative projects and join our community under the ATÖLYE roof. We are primarily seeking a team that is involved with developing new technologies and systems. If you want to be part of our community, you can fill out the application form.