ATÖLYE (founded in 2013) is a community-powered creative services organization that provides services to both clients and creative professionals globally. ATÖLYE consists of a Strategic Design Studio, an Academy, a Creative Hub, and a Ventures arm.


ATÖLYE’s Strategic Design Studio works with companies to design and implement strategic solutions to the complex challenges they face. The Academy offers learning programs that equip individuals and teams with skills in creative leadership, radical collaboration, and systemic design. The Ventures arm offers enterprise entrepreneurship programs through business modelling, and finally, the Creative Hub creates the environment for each of these components to interact by fostering a community of over 150+ multi-disciplinary creatives who aspire to connect, learn, and grow around purpose-driven work.


In April 2019, ATÖLYE joined the kyu Collective (kyu.com), a collective of the leading creative organizations in the world whose purpose is to be a source of creativity that propels the economy and society forward


Our “Guiding Principles”


We curate diligently so we can better co-create.

Our system has ill-defined boundaries by design, which allows for a steady flow of people, ideas, and perspectives. Our processes expand and contract to adapt to situations as needed, meaning we are always pushing the limits of our permeability—across geographies, projects, and industries.

We live, work and learn in a constant state of flow.

Our system has ill-defined boundaries by design, which allows for a steady flow of people, ideas, and perspectives. Our processes expand and contract to adapt to situations as needed, meaning we are always pushing the limits of our permeability—across geographies, projects, and industries.

We grow individually to mature as a whole.

We are committed to nourishing the notion of a growth mindset in a holistic way. We are invested in the development of individuals and organizations by co-creating the necessary tools, methods, and environments that allow us to continuously shift and grow together.


About ATÖLYE Community


We are a community-centric organization. This means that our approach spearheads community-centered thinking in design and gravitates around a 21st-century notion of the individual’s journey in relation to a community.

Every ATÖLYE team member, by default, is an ATÖLYE community member. Once you are a team member, you will be part of the ATÖLYE Community that houses creative individuals and teams who aspire to connect, learn, and grow around purpose-driven work while having the opportunity to participate in community events, rituals, and social activities.


About the Job —  Senior Business Designer, Strategic Design Studio


We’re working with organizations that would like to create new exciting offerings, embark on new journeys in unknown territories and experiment with new ventures. As part of the Strategy and Business Design team, you will be working closely with leading organizations of the region to design, test, and iterate new offerings with a human-centered approach. This role is critical for us to present a business case relevant to our solutions and to quantify the impact of our work.

Collaboration and effective coordination are of utmost importance in the lifecycle of ATÖLYE’s projects. Our teams of designers and strategists work closely with client teams to immerse them in our design processes and have them participate in devising solutions for their needs.

The Senior Business Designer will also become a key member of our Business Design community and have the opportunity to lead and represent this practice both within and outside ATÖLYE.



Main Responsibilities as a Senior Business Designer


  • Develop human-centric business strategies based on an offering that is desirable for the user, feasible within the opportunities and limitations of a given ecosystem and that yields viable financial outcomes. 
  • Structure new businesses, platforms and ecosystems in a holistic way at strategic, operational, and organizational levels.
  • Develop a business point of view by analyzing and conducting quantitative and qualitative research, workshops, stakeholder interviews, business intelligence gathering, creative brainstorms, visioning, analytics, and data sources and KPI development
  • Create strategies driven by evidence, guided by up to date strategy frameworks, and lead to clear and practical solutions that are creatively fruitful and impact orientated.
  • Communicate and share insights and opportunities with the project team to broaden their own perspectives of their work.
  • Support the team in development of a business idea and an impact scenario, turn it into a proposal for implementation to our partners  
  • Ensure all projects are concluded with conclusive and detailed documentation and outputs that communicate the strategy, ensuring the outcomes are a core part of your responsibility.
  • Nurture colleagues and regularly share progress and insights, learning from each other.
  • Host, organize and participate in events of the organization about your relevant field, expertise and projects. Represent the organization as a thought leader in your field


Main Responsibilities as a Community member


  • Engage with community members to understand their professional and personal interests, identify opportunities to work with them in various projects 
  • Attend community events 
  • Support and lead the programming efforts of the Creative Hub for fields that are of interest to you personally and professionally 


Required Experience


  • 3-5 years of experience in these or related fields: management consultancy, design consultancy, product management, platform management 
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, strategic design, design management, product management, industrial engineering or relevant fields is required 
  • Master’s degree in business administration, innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, social innovation, circular economy, design management, product management or related field is a plus 
  • Strong business acumen; i.e., broad knowledge or exposure to strategy, marketing, finance, operations, product development, organizational design, etc
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience bringing ideas to market (creating new solutions, launching new products, etc), whether as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur
  • Experience with Excel and/or other analysis tools, PowerPoint, Keynote, Google G suit for presentation purposes. Ability to learn how to use new tools in real-time.
  • History of tackling and solving complex business challenges; a strong personal mission to help find truths and challenge orthodoxies.
  • Excellent knowledge of the Business Design/Strategy landscape, including but not limited to lean start up, design intelligence, measurement, KPIs, organizational change, venturing, design storytelling, design thinking, culture change, business/investment case generation, and product management.
  • Experience in impact oriented business models, services, products and ecosystems. Knowledge of sustainability, social innovation, impact investment and circular business models is a plus. 
  • Prior experience with facilitation techniques, being the lead facilitator of a workshop or stakeholder engagement session
  • Comfort working in ambiguous situations with limited direction
  • Has a passion for system design and system change with the ability to map complex systems in order to spot opportunities for change


What do we offer?


  • An inspiring and dynamic workspace as part of an interdisciplinary community
  • The opportunity to work in strategic projects with leading institutions in Turkey and beyond
  • A transdisciplinary workflow that promotes constant learning
  • Private health insurance, meal card, and year-end bonus


A note regarding job location


ATÖLYE’s has two spaces that houses its core team and its community. However, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, ATÖLYE has adopted a hybrid way of working where team members can choose to work remotely and visit the ATÖLYE spaces when their physical presence is necessary. This model has enabled the ATÖLYE team to relocate to various cities around the world without skipping a beat in teamwork and day-to-day activities. In line with this model, ATÖLYE will be operating remote-first until October 2021 and in a hybrid fashion following that date.


Non-discrimanation policy


Throughout the entire job application process, ATÖLYE does not discriminate against individuals directly or indirectly based on language, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, parenthood, childcare, age, HIV status, disability, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion and sect, or similar reasons. ATÖLYE provides suitable working conditions obligating employees to behave equally among teammates and complies with the principle of equality which is embedded in its organizational policy.


Senior Business Designer

Dubai or Istanbul