ATÖLYE is a 21st-century creative organization with an award-winning Strategic Design Studio and an Academy embedded within a vibrant Creative Hub. Based in bomontiada, a historical beer factory, ATÖLYE fosters a fluid talent curation model that consists of a 150-person community.


ATÖLYE’s work encompasses all facets of creative consulting; including strategy, design, architecture, and technology. It provides these services through a unique modern network of practitioners. Fueled by the diversity of its community, scarcity of its space, and the permeability of the whole system, ATÖLYE explores a new model for the creative services industry—one that may be called a “membrane organization.” With this system, ATÖLYE is able to offer a wide range of capabilities to its clients, all of which are centered around the core mission of addressing wicked problems and creating positive impact.


ATÖLYE is also part of the kyu Collective. kyu is a collective of strategically curated creative businesses whose purpose is to be a source of creativity that propels economies and societies forward.


About the Job – Design Researcher


At ATÖLYE we believe that the solid foundation of a visionary project starts with solid research and strategy. We’re using creative tools and methods to conduct research about the design question at hand and strategically reframe the problem to help them become design opportunities that will generate long term value. 


We’re working on exciting projects in Turkey and beyond that have societal and economic impact at large. We’re looking for a new team member who is curious about business, design, humans, culture, data and technology. If you are passionate about combining strategy with action, humans with business, numbers with emotions, and present with the future we would love to hear from you. 


Main Responsibilities


  • To provide research, design, data analysis, strategy, and presentation support in the forward-thinking and innovative design projects of ATÖLYE,
  • To interview users and other stakeholders and to use creative participatory research methods such as site visits, observations, co-creation workshops,
  • To conduct research to benchmark relevant examples for the project, spot emerging design patterns, business opportunities, cultural trends and insight combinations,
  • To synthesize and map quantitative and qualitative research findings in the forms of canvases, diagrams, and other forms of data visualization,
  • To create inspirational and compelling stories that communicate the perspective, embodiment, environment, and vision of a given project,
  • To closely collaborate with other design practice teams; support synthesis of findings, ideation, concepting, rapid prototyping, and testing to create human centered services, products and spaces,
  • Designing workshops and being responsible for producing high-quality facilitation materials (canvas, handbook, work paper, game, exhibition, etc.)
  • To provide facilitation support in different design and strategy workshops of ATÖLYE with different institutions and stakeholders




  • Entry level experience with strategy and research, preferably with methods that entails strong empathy and synthesis skills
  • Bachelor degree related to design, social sciences and business fields or a combination.
  • Experience with or interest in the Design Thinking methodology.
  • Feel comfortable with client interactions in different settings such as presentations, workshops, interviews, and meetings 
  • Have strong presentation, self-expression, and storytelling skills through the use of written, verbal and other media
  • Ability to understand, analyze and synthesize quantitative and qualitative data
  • High written and verbal proficiency in Turkish and English.
  • Experience with the Google Suite, Adobe Suite, Keynote.


Preferred skills and qualities


  • Previous experience in an organization that consults clients on projects related to communication, service, product, systems or learning design,
  • Be passionate about human-centered design, service design and bringing strategy into action,
  • Have self-starter and optimistic attitude with the ability to embrace ambiguity, 
  • Curious and motivated to interact with people on a daily basis to achieve shared goals 


What do we offer?


  • An inspiring and dynamic workspace as part of an interdisciplinary community
  • The opportunity to work on strategic projects with leading institutions in Turkey and beyond
  • A transdisciplinary workflow that promotes constant learning

Design Researcher