ATÖLYE is a learning organization that promotes systemic change by sparking and leveraging the potential of this curated team, community, clients and constituents at large. At ATÖLYE, we develop product-service-system projects, using human centered design and design thinking methodologies to understand users, combining with tools from service design, system design and business design. We are constantly looking for new talents to engage as collaborators for our projects, especially in the field of service design.


Main Responsibilities
-Online research tasks may cover benchmarking, brand & communication, and trends analysis.
-Field research tasks may cover in-depth interviews, observation and experiencing.
-Mapping research insights in the form of personas, customer journeys, and system maps.
-Idea generation and consolidation of concepts into deliverables such as presentations, mockups, user scenarios, and storyboards.
-Prototyping and conducting user tests for concept validation.


Professional Approach
-Flexible work schedule, with availability for daily research assignments or longer engagements.
-Willingness to work in all phases of a strategic design project, from research to final outcomes.
-Proactive and naturally curious, willing to work in collaborative and multidisciplinary teams.
-Ability to deliver outcomes in presentation format in his/her own laptop, using preferably Adobe package (Indesign, Illustrator), but keynote is also acceptable.
-Willingness to keep a diligent record of findings in Google Drive documents.


Experiences and Requirements
-High written and verbal proficiency in Turkish and English.
-Bachelor in a design field (preferably industrial design).
-Experience with the Design Thinking Methodology.
-At least 2 years of experience with design research, which entails empathy and synthesis skills, as well as a strategic eye for identifying business opportunities.
-Ability to map outcomes in the form of canvases, diagrams, and other forms of data visualization.


-Experience with Strategic Design Research.
-Knowledge about Systems Thinking.
-Knowledge about lean and agile methodologies.
-UX Design, Illustration and Data Visualization skills.
-Referrals or point of contact from the previous job.


What do we offer?
-Inspiring and dynamic workspace and work in an -interdisciplinary community.
-The opportunity to work in strategic projects with leading institutions in Turkey and beyond.
-The transdisciplinary workflow that keeps constant learning.

We are looking for a proactive, motivated and responsible Service Designer.