ATÖLYE is a learning organization that promotes systemic change by sparking and leveraging the potential of this curated team, community, clients and constituents at large. At ATÖLYE, we develop product-service-system projects, using human centered design and design thinking methodologies to understand users, combining with tools from service design, system design and business design. In order to deliver systems and experiences that bring impact in both practical and emotional scales, our projects focus on helping companies understand their customers unmet needs and desires, and therefore, make the shift from process centric, to user centric. Via a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach, we design experiences that feasible and viable for companies, and desirable for their customers.




  • Conducting ad hoc online and field research for strategic design projects where the research outcomes will serve as input for building the design strategy,
  • Flexible work schedule, with availability for daily research assignments or longer engagements,
  • Online research tasks may cover:
    • Benchmarking
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Branding and Communication Analysis
    • Partnership and win-win strategies
    • Market gaps
  • Field research tasks may cover:
    • In-depth structured or semi-structured user interviews
    • In-depth structured or semi-structured stakeholder Interviews
    • In-depth structured or semi-structured expert Interviews
    • User tests
    • Experiencing
    • Online Surveys
  • Synthesizing the learnings gathered in compelling presentations that outline the main opportunities for incremental or radical innovation.


Experiences and Requirements



  • High written and verbal proficiency in Turkish and English,
  • Bachelor in design, marketing, or communication fields,
  • At least 3 years of experience with design research, which entails a good vision for both the humane ethnographic needs of users, as well as a strategic eye for identifying market opportunities. Academic research or research in the areas of sociology, economy or psychology are preferred, but field work is needed,
  • A good team player, who takes directions and is thorough in following the brief received, delivering consistent and compelling findings. Willingness to keep a diligent record of findings in Google Drive documents,
  • Proactive and naturally curious, willing to investigate further in any potential good leads or insights that may direct to interesting opportunities,
  • Ability to map outcomes in the form of canvases, diagrams, charts and other forms of data visualization,
  • Ability to deliver outcomes in presentation format in his/her own laptop, using preferably Adobe package (Indesign, Illustrator), but keynote is also acceptable.


  • Experience with design thinking methodology, and understanding of the design thinking approach and steps,
  • Experience with service design projects, and customer journey maps is a plus.

We are looking for a creative, organized and motivated new member for our team.