A transdisciplinary innovation platform

ATÖLYE provides a creative and innovative foundation for its team and community of like-minded individuals to develop new collaborations and projects with long-term value.

ATÖLYE develops interdisciplinary, holistic and innovative approaches to complex problems. While developing these approaches, it learns from and transforms the process, designs the transformation, and produces the design.

ATÖLYE’s location in Istanbul brings together all the required elements for this production to take place. It is an interdisciplinary and flexible working environment that supports co-production; a prototyping and learning space that converts designs into products, and an event space that provides the information transfer needed for the realization of these projects. Our community lies at the core of this, as it enables us to realize all the projects that we dream to do.

We belong in a wide global network.

As a creative platform located in the center of Istanbul, we are engaged with different networks from around the world. We are developing and sharing our projects with important institutions in various locations. We collaborate on projects with institutions working within the axes of design, entrepreneurship and co-production, by exchanging ideas with them and facilitating interactions through member exchange programs.


"ATÖLYE is a fertile soil where one can seed their dreams." - Carla Lembruger

After a three year long process that involved global research, dozens of public workshops, a beta-space for prototyping and most importantly building an interdisciplinary network of 4000+ individuals, our final space has opened in October 2015 in bomontiada, a Historical Beer Factory at the heart of the city.

Strategic Partnerships